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Hope Within Reach

New Lifehouse Academy Christian boarding school is nestled at the foothills of the Ozarks near Grand Lake on a 40-acre picturesque and peaceful property. Our facility is a 12 to 15-month residential program accredited with Teen Challenge USA. The Cross Christian Academy is our private, accredited, year-round school that the girls attend while at New Lifehouse. Our program offers a very structured environment to help foster growth in each of our student’s lives.

We use a level system to help teach the students appreciation, gratitude, responsibility, submission to authority, self-control, leadership, time management, and a strong work ethic. The first levels are very controlled but as the students improve and progress, they are awarded higher levels. The higher levels allow for more privileges, freedom, and responsibilities. NLH offers a unique animal therapy program, featuring horses and exotic animals, where girls can learn responsibility, trust, leadership skills, and accountability through care for the animals in the therapy program.

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The key to the success of Teen Challenge is the spiritual component. New Lifehouse Academy students attend daily classes where they are taught Teen Challenge curriculum. Class topics include Anger & Personal Rights, Successful Christian Living and Growing Through Failure as well as many other character-building subjects. The students attend a local church on Sunday and attend chapels at New Lifehouse throughout the week. Each student is required to complete course work that addresses specific issues the student may be struggling within her life.

New Lifehouse Staff and Administration are committed to ensuring that students understand God’s love, forgiveness, and His ability to restore relationships. Our staff is deeply involved in the daily mentorship of students. Each girl is assigned a staff advisor to meet with regularly to discuss needs, goals, and areas of personal growth. The relationships built through this process continue throughout their stay at NLH and beyond. Staff advisors also stay in contact with parents in order to keep them updated and involved with the process. We believe that parental involvement through this process of healing is highly important.

The goal of New Lifehouse is to help students establish and grow in a relationship with God. Students are encouraged to learn how to make good boundaries and choices in life as well as learning self-discipline. We believe that through the commitment of staff, the structured and loving environment, and most of all Jesus Christ, that New Lifehouse is helping put HOPE WITHIN REACH!

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What We Consider Success
Here at New Lifehouse

The success of a student can be defined in many ways. In fact, each parent or family might have a different goal for their daughter because each student is unique in personality and each family has different dynamics and goals. Success here comes in many ways, but we have goals for each student and things that we like each student to achieve while they are here. We strive to instill character into each student.

Personal responsibility is the character quality that we work to be a foundational quality in the student’s life change. Integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness are also expected. As girls are here at New Lifehouse we will see positive change in personal relationships because of the character changes taking place in her life. Servant leadership is the key to this.

Relationships with peers become noncompetitive and an attitude of serving takes over. Families become more appreciated by the student and the importance of having a quality relationship with parents is realized.

Through teaching leadership from the perspective of servanthood, authority is seen from a different perspective by the student. When she discovers Godly leadership, she no longer has to fear those in charge. She has experienced being in a leader’s role and comes to understand the importance of respecting those in authority and the difficult position they hold. Setting goals for the future is a dream of every parent. Goals help to give fuel to the fire of achievement. Every young person is unique.

New Lifehouse does everything possible to prepare our students to both sets and to achieve their life goals. Discussing life after Teen Challenge begins on day one of being here. Some students know what they want when they get here and some of course do not. Graduates of New Lifehouse go on to be successful in many areas.

Our Therapeutic Model

Therapeutic–“having a beneficial effect on the body or mind; producing a useful or favorable result
or effect.” Webster’s Dictionary

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Our Approach to helping your Teen

New Lifehouse Academy Teen Challenge is a 12 to 15-month Christian program that recognizes the unique needs of each teen. Every aspect of our troubled teen program: the structure of her day, individualized academic and discipleship tracts, animal therapy, pastoral counseling, leadership training, and life skills projects are developed with intentionality, focusing upon your daughter’s personal growth and development.

Our five Level Therapeutic process focuses your teen’s time with us on discipleship and personal growth on every developmental level. We provide recovery assistance for behavioral problems, self-harm, and many other life-controlling issues.

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Our 5 Therapeutic Levels

At New Lifehouse Academy, troubled teens are encouraged to take ownership of their lives by demonstrating positive spiritual, mental and emotional growth. Our therapeutic methodology for teens is separated into 5 levels. As teens transition from one level to the next, they are rewarded with more personal privileges and responsibilities, thereby empowering them for the final transition home. Our 5 Level system is NOT a static formula that is applied to each of our teens in the same way.

Our levels, instead, provide a framework of developmental goals which allow us to tailor each teen’s program to meet their unique needs while achieving important developmental milestones. The initial “entry” level lasts four weeks, followed by levels one through five, which each lasts around ten to twelve weeks.

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Entry and Level One: Know Yourself

When students arrive at NLH, their first task is to understand the choices that led them to their current situation. Students must admit the presence of negative issues, take personal responsibility for their actions, and begin to realize how their own choices have affected their lives and the lives of others around them. Spiritually, we desire to see each student begin discovering, or returning to their identity in Christ.

After defining their own core issues, students move toward identifying the triggers for those issues.

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Level Two and Three: Choose Yourself

Building upon the knowledge gained in Entry and Level One, students then concentrate on recognizing behavior patterns and identifying those things that tend to initiate the patterns. Once students can recognize those triggers, they learn how to make different choices in response to those situations. Students learn how specific issues contribute to the building of a person’s character.

The final goal of Level Two and Three involves seeing problems as opportunities instead of perceiving them as trials. We teach the Biblical principle that our weakness allows the strength of Christ to be displayed in us.

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Level Four and Five: Give Yourself

With much of their emotional growth work completed, Level Four and Five students shift their focus to giving to others. While still working through details of their individual issues, teens find opportunities to give back to the students coming through the program behind them.

Students also take responsibility for daily aspects of the program as part of their leadership training. Available components of Level Four and Five include Missions Trips and Community Service, along with a project intended to leave a lasting benefit for students who will come behind. Also, during Level Four and Five, we place great emphasis on planning a successful return to the home environment, especially focusing on long-term results.

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Upon completion of NLA, students return home for a guided three months. This helps students and parents transition to living outside of a program. The student and parents sign a contract, that they help develop, which helps establish rules and expectations.

When Aftercare is successfully completed, the student is now considered a graduate of NLA and will receive a certificate.

We can also help you in your search for alternative boarding schools, therapeutic schools, military schools or best boarding schools. NLA is a Christian therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenage girls offering teen counseling for girls with adoption issues (reactive attachment disorders), self-harm (self-mutilation) or cutting, or eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, anorexia nervosa). Other behavioral issues and disorders we deal with include: defiance, depression, post traumatic stress, abuse, and general anxiety. If you have an out of control girl, please think about New Lifehouse Acadedmy, a school for troubled girls that offers teen counseling and teen counselors for troubled girls. We offer counseling for troubled teens and out of control teens and especially work with RAD girls and adopted girls with emotional disorders. If you are searching for residential treatment centers for girls, troubled youth homes, troubled teen schools or troubled teen boarding schools, you have found one. Homes for troubled teens and boarding schools for teens don't typically offer teen counseling and therapy, but we do. A top therapeutic school, NLA may also be referred to as a "school for troubled teens". Troubled teen schools and residential treatment programs for teens are often quite costly, but this one of few residential treatment centers and residential schools for teens that is affordable. NLA is an all-girl school that provides troubled pre-teen and teenage girls with counseling and adolescent therapy. It is more relational and helpful long-term than boot camps and military schools. The Christian therapeutic residential school and home for troubled girls serves at-risk teen girls from homes in the Midwest, including Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Texas, Arkansas and Illinois. Let us know if you need help with therapeutic boarding schools, military schools, private boarding schools or therapeutic schools.

New Lifehouse Academy | Christian Boarding School Program

New Lifehouse Academy Christian boarding school program encourages how to make good boundaries and choices in life.