New Lifehouse Helps Teen Girls Involved with Risky Activities

New Lifehouse Academy understands that you want to find help for your troubled teen girl who is caught up in risky activities.

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Risky Choices and Behaviors in Teen Girls
It has become very common to see young people experimenting, for the first time, with marijuana from age 12 to 14.  Tobacco use may begin as early as age 11 and is very common in most high schools. While many may be able to experiment with the non-medical medications of their choice and stop as they choose, others may develop a dependency or move on to become habitual users of more serious issues, resulting in serious health problems. 

Most teens involved in non-medical use may feel indestructible or in denial of any consequences that may come from using.  They may have an attitude that they can quit at any time, and it is their life.  They are, typically, oblivious to the negative health effects of life-controlling issues and may defend their use as “normal teenage behaviors.” Parents are sometimes the last ones to know what their girl is into even though they may try very hard to stay in touch with their child and their school.   

Kids are very good at masking their issues and fooling their parents. Those at risk for developing serious life-controlling problems include those:

  • Having a genetic predisposition or family history of risky activities
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Lonely/having few friends or social life

OTCs (over-the-counter meds), such as cold medication, cough syrup, sleep aids, diet pills, inhalants, glue, or certain solvents, have become more popular over the past decade because of availability and cost.  These are being mistreated by middle school and high school students alike with negative consequences. The use of illegal non-medical items are increasing among young teens all over the US.  There are no economic boundaries on non-medical usage, and it is becoming more acceptable in social circles all over the US. The negative consequences of life-controlling issues would include habits of more serious unhealthy use, failing grades, disengagement from family, making poor choices that may result in accidents or violence, having sex, or even suicide.  

Serious health issues may also be a result of life-controlling issues. Warning signs for parents may include:

  • Withdrawing from the family/arguing or breaking family rules
  • Skipping school/poor academic success
  • Red and glazed eyes, repeat cough, fatigue
  • Mood swings from depression, anger, irritability
  • Change of interests including peer group
  • Stealing from family members or others

As parents notice significant changes in their teen girls they should have a comprehensive evaluation done to rule out other possible related disorders that may be treated as well as the risky activities.  Early detection and treatment may certainly result in more favorable outcomes for your child. As a parent, you should not be afraid to confront your child if you suspect that she is becoming involved in the use of life-controlling habits.  Remember that your child is in danger of further harm and is, most likely, not going to come to you for help.

teen girls heal at new lifehouse academy in oklahomaNew Lifehouse – Helping Your Teen Girl See Greater Possibilities in Life.

We are a low-cost Christian boarding school designed for troubled or misbehaving girls, ages 14-18. Our goal is to provide teenage girls and their families with the tools and resources to help them begin to thrive academically, relationally, and spiritually. We help once troubled girls begin living a fulfilling life, equipping them to become happy, confident, self-reliant, and successful adults.

Teen Challenge Oklahoma’s New Lifehouse Academy is nestled at the foothills of the Ozarks near Grand Lake on a 40-acre picturesque and peaceful property, with access nearby to over 900 acres of property with a large creek, wooded hills, and trails.

Again, if your teen girl needs help stopping her risky activities, please call us at (888) 381-4897. We can help her be better prepared to meet life’s challenges and become a whole young woman.



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New Lifehouse Helps Teen Girls Involved with Risky Activities

New Lifehouse Academy, a low cost therapeutic Christian boarding school, helps troubled girls who are involved in risky activities.