Family Restoration

New Lifehouse Academy Restores Family Relationships

teen challenge for girls in oklahomaWe consider Family Restoration one of the great strengths and distinguishing features of the New Lifehouse Academy Christian boarding school program for struggling teen girls. We recognize that the parents of the hurting teens we serve have also experienced hurt and hardship from the situation with their teen. While our primary focus remains on the child, we also recognize opportunities for parents to grow. We firmly believe that we are created for a relationship, the most important of which is the relationship of the parent to the child. It is this relationship that lays the foundation for a lifetime.

We understand teens and the struggles that may come with their developmental stage as they express independence and begin to pull away from the family. We also understand the response of parents, when they react to the distance with their teen by pressing in too hard, straining the relationship, and starting a negative cycle of rebellion and restriction.  Teens distance themselves or challenge the family’s belief system, causing parents to restrict behavior even further, which leads to teens turning to peers instead for support and rejecting family values.

Even so, New Lifehouse does not try to “fix” teens. We recognize the leadership potential and the God-given strengths within each teen misdirected though these abilities may be, and we help each teen to know herself, make appropriate choices about values and behavior, and embrace service to others. Throughout this process, we also recognize the tremendous needs of parents and families.

Our mission at New Lifehouse encompasses restoration for the entire family. We work closely with families, from enrollment until the child returns home, to promote healing, facilitate growth, and ultimately see families reunited and restored to a healthy ongoing relationship. We require families to participate fully.

Parent Conferences

Parent conferences are held on campus three times a year. These are a mandatory part of our program. Conferences begin on a Thursday evening, continue for a full day on Friday and then the weekend is spent with your girl. Parents participate in workshops and groups that are designed to increase the possibility of success once a student returns home. Our professional staff provides a quality educational experience for you to help you in the restoration process.

Parent Contact

Through our advisor program, each parent is given weekly feedback from the student advisor. This feedback comes from the student, staff, and treatment team. By everyone, including the parents, an individualized strategy is continually under development in order to provide the best chance for family restoration and a successful return home for your girl.

Parent Testimonial

We are incredibly grateful for this program. Our daughter went from feeling hopeless and not caring whatteen girls in trouble oklahoma boarding schools happened to her anymore, to caring about herself and her future. I so appreciate the staff who are God-centered, and prayerful in how they come alongside each girl individually. The program isn’t cookie-cutter, it’s very much personalized for individual struggles or obstacles. She has experienced incredible growth, healing and is so much stronger as a person. I am thankful for the partnership we have shared – our relationship with our daughter is better too! She has learned to open up and talk, she has learned how to say no so she can focus on the path she really wants. She has discovered more of herself and her purpose. This place gives God the space to work in a safe environment. Thank you, thank you, thank you Teen Challenge staff for your hearts and work to bring healing and hope to these girls!!!

– Phoebe A

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Family Restoration |New Lifehouse Academy Girls Boarding School

Family Restoration is one of the great strengths of the New Lifehouse Academy Christian boarding school program for struggling teen girls.