Are You Considering an All-Girls School? Get the Facts!

boarding school for girlsAre You Considering an All-Girls School? Get the Facts!

If you think boarding schools are a thing of the past, think again. Boarding schools are stronger than ever and still a viable source of rigorous academic programs geared toward students planning to go to college. An all-girls school offers many advantages not offered in the public school system. Some parents are concerned with how their daughter can and will adapt to a boarding school, having never lived away from home. For those students planning to continue to pursue a college degree after grade school, living away from home is an eventuality. A high percentage of students going to college will be living away from home. Yes, there will be a few college students commuting to college or attending community college for two years before transferring to a four-year college; these are the exception, not the rule.

Boarding Schools for Girls

There are many boarding schools that are co-ed, and many parents choose to send their son or daughter to one of these schools. However, keep in mind that there are many excellent choices and reasons for choosing a boarding school for girls. An all-girls boarding school, a.k.a. a single-sex boarding school offers many advantages for the individual students over and above a coed facility. The debate goes on with regard to the differential ways that boys and girls learn. There have been studies done to either prove or disprove this theory, and this will continue to be a hotly debated subject

Your Undivided Attention

Anytime you mix adolescent boys and girls there is a chance that schoolwork will suffer in proportion to the distractions inherent in this type of environment. You cannot remove boys from a girl’s thoughts completely; it is simply not possible to reprogram the female brain to the exclusion of daydreams about boys. However, you can remove this distraction from the classroom by virtue of excluding male students. The environment found in an all-girls boarding school is geared toward a distraction-free program for academic excellence. Students who attend boarding schools are those that are geared towards getting the most they can out of their education including preparation to enter college as a serious student who intends to get the most out of the experience as possible and be primed for their life’s career.

Prime Surroundings

Instructors in a girl’s school are dedicated to teaching young ladies. Teachers have been trained to teach girls specifically. During the high school years and through puberty is sometimes a difficult time for girls. The classroom and teachers will strive to make these years the best they can be. Being in a single-sex school environment helps girls become all they are meant to be. Programs and activities, including sports, are geared towards girls only. Classes in a private boarding school are much smaller than public school classes where the number of students can be between 30 and 40. Boarding school classes range from 10 to 20 students which allows for greater one-on-one instruction for those who have perhaps fallen behind in some cases. Not everyone learns the same way, and a private boarding school atmosphere makes it quick to assess student needs and recognize those who might be struggling, so no student will be left behind.

Why Choose A Boarding School?

New lifehouse Academy for girls in OklahomaA small private boarding school can offer more than just a spectacular academic program. While it is true that teachers in this kind of atmosphere nearly always have a degree in the specific subject they will be teaching, meaning not only will your child will learn the subject in-depth, she will learn from teachers who love to teach. Boarding schools offer a plethora of sports to choose from such as squash, hockey, basketball, and track to name a few. Private schools also offer amazing sports facilities with state-of-the-art equipment. These private schools offer a wide variety of arts programs and facilities. There is generally a wider array of activities and clubs to choose from than in a public school environment. Many of these schools have magnificent performing arts centers and offer classes in theater, dance, and music. The academic program is specifically designed to stretch your child’s abilities and to teach better methods of working towards a college career. The focus of private schools is to guide students through the academic programs to be ready for college. The depth of these classes and programs are far beyond what is offered at a public school, making your child stand out from the crowd. As you can see, the boarding school has much to offer to the serious student wishing to excel above and beyond high school and into the future.

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