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At our Christian boarding school for girls in Oklahoma, animal therapy plays a big role in healing and leadership skills for teen girls. – schools for troubled teens and therapeutic boarding schools near me.

Animal Therapy

Through a partnership with Oasis Animal Adventures (www.oasisanimals.com) we offer a unique animal therapy program that includes unique, exotic animals as well as standard horses and mini horses.  A day at the Oasis barn includes spending time with and caring for camels, zebras, kangaroos, lemur, horses, and other furry friends.  Your girl will have the opportunity to learn responsibility, trust, leadership skills and accountability through care for the animals in the therapy program.

Weekly Animal Therapy Sessions Include:

  • Horse Information and Care
  • Managing the Barn, Tack and Tack Room
  • Building a Trust Relationship with Your Animal
  • Exercise, Training and Game Playing with Your Animal

The animals love the girls and are experts at getting them to smile. Omar, the resident lemur, is sure to bring a smile to the face of even the most reserved girl.

Oasis Animal Adventures is a certified EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) program by EAGALA Founder Greg Kersten through the O.K. Corral Series.

“Oasis Animal Therapy has helped me in a variety of ways since I’ve come to Teen Challenge. Oasis helped me have peace I didn’t expect to find. The Goldner’s have taught me a lot, not only about animals but also about how I can use the time we spend there each week in some amazing ways. Having alone time with horses and God has become like a safe haven for me. When we are with our animals it’s our chance to talk to them and tell them the things we feel. Through that, I’ve been able to get out a lot of my stress and anxiety.  On top of having new opportunities to spend time with God with nature in the animals, it leads me to learn patience for myself and others. For one way, it taught me that I need to take that time to find what God is wanting of me. Oasis, each week, has become something I look forward to and I can’t wait to see what else it will teach me.” –  Jade P.

“I always look forward to animal therapy.  In that time, we have an opportunity to build a relationship of trust with our animals.  Going to animal therapy has helped me cope when I have bad days. I have not only learned to build a relationship with animals but with people as well. I even ridden a camel at animal therapy!  We have so much fun together and animal therapy is a great opportunity that I would have never had without coming to New Lifehouse”. – Marissa A.

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Teen Girls Boarding School - Animal Therapy at NLH

At our Christian boarding school for girls in Oklahoma, animal therapy plays a big role in healing and leadership skills for teen girls.

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