The spiritual side of New Lifehouse, a Christian boarding school for girls, located in Oklahoma. – schools for troubled teens and boarding high schools.

Teens who are struggling are not thinking about their future; instead, they are focused on finding comfort or making the choice that seems easiest in the present. Often, however, the choice that appears most comfortable at the moment causes future pain for themselves and for others.

Each individual has a specific purpose to fulfill, and our Creator has given each one a unique set of talents and skills in order to carry out that purpose. This destiny in Christ applies to each one of us, even to the struggling teen whose current behavior is out of line.

We accomplish many things in the lives of young women here at New Lifehouse. First, we accomplish helping young women find a relationship with God. This is done by helping them to understand that the relationship is theirs to develop. A person comes to know God through Jesus Christ but must work out their own relationship from there. It is something personal and must be developed on a personal level. Teen Challenge accomplishes that through the curriculum, challenges and mentoring that takes place while the student is here. The natural thing that begins to take place because of this is the healing and restoration of the young woman. Because of the personal restoration that takes place the family is then restored.

We believe strongly in the grace of Jesus Christ. God offers us salvation as a free and undeserved gift, not on the basis of any righteous act we have done. We are precious to God, chosen by Him before we were formed in the womb, before we ever responded to Him in obedience and faith. Thus, our good works are not the basis of our salvation, but our obedience in allowing Jesus Christ to work through us.

“For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.” – Ephesians 2:10

We encourage our students in their spiritual lives, and we support them in living out their faith through service to their peers and their community. The spirit of the NLA community is one of thankfulness and giving to others, rejoicing in the grace that has been given to us.


At NLH, we strongly believe that prayer provides the covering and shield for our ministry and students of New Lifehouse. Community prayer is included in every aspect of NLH daily life, including before meals, at the beginning and conclusion of meetings, prior to athletic events and in many other ways. Additionally, staff often pray for and with students who are struggling. Students are also encouraged to pray with and for each other and to spend times in private prayer time throughout their enrollment.

Bible Study

girls boarding schoolNew Lifehouse believes that the Bible is the complete and authoritative Word of God. We teach the Bible without apology. We do not belong to any denomination and do not teach any doctrines other than the Bible. Because of the vital importance of the Bible to our faith and beliefs, Bible study becomes a significant aspect of daily and weekly life at NLH.

While each student must work through our Bible curriculum as a requirement for completing our program, we do not require any student to accept the beliefs we teach. Many teens are examining and questioning their ideas of God and what it means to belong to God’s kingdom. We see students who are in many different places spiritually, including those who have never accepted Jesus Christ in faith, those who have but have chosen to rebel or move away from Him and others who simply do not understand the basic teachings of the Bible. All of our staff seek to serve as loving role models of a life lived for Jesus Christ and to provide clear Biblical instruction. We want students to discover the answers to their tough questions within the Word of God and to embrace their faith as their own.

We encourage students to continue on with personal study beyond what is required. Students are given daily opportunities for quiet devotional times and may also choose to join group Bible studies led by the students themselves.


Worship plays a vital role in student growth at New Lifehouse, both spiritually and emotionally. Worship requires humility, as we place our focus entirely on God and express appreciation and gratitude. Students who enter the program feeling entitled or entirely focused on themselves must begin to move toward emotional maturity and experience personal growth as they learn to engage in worship.

Students may choose to serve the NLH community by joining the Student Choir. This team practices during the week, preparing to lead the community in worship at various times, such as during Academy Chapel services held during the week in addition to service trips on Sunday mornings or special events.


boarding schoolMissions trips at New Lifehouse are an important part of our overall emphasis on serving and giving to others. As with community service projects, missions trips give students opportunities to reach beyond themselves, to see the world through another’s eyes and to touch lives with the love of God. As we love our neighbors and show them an example of God’s love, we are blessed to see God touch their hearts as well.

At NLH, we desire to see our students move out into the world equipped with real leadership skills and mature and humble hearts. Missions trips and community service projects provide opportunities to apply leadership skills, such as problem solving and communication in real-world situations. Students learn to lead by example, especially through their service to others in need.

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Spiritual Formation

The spiritual side of New Lifehouse, a Christian boarding school for girls, located in Oklahoma.