New Lifehouse is a 915-acre therapeutic ranch for girls in beautiful Northeastern Oklahoma. Our facility is a 12-15 month residential program.  – teen boarding schools and Christian schools for troubled youth.

girls boarding schoolNew Lifehouse is nestled at the foothills of the Ozarks near Grand Lake on a 40 acre picturesque and peaceful property. Our facility is a 12-15 month residential program accredited with Teen Challenge USA. The Cross Christian Academy is our private, accredited, year round school that the girls attend while at New Lifehouse. Our program offers a very structured environment to help foster growth in each of our student’s lives. We use a level system to help teach the students appreciation, gratitude, responsibility, submission to authority, self-control, leadership, time-management, and a strong work ethic. The first levels are very controlled but as the students improve and progress, they are awarded higher levels. The higher levels allow for more privileges, freedom and responsibilities.

During their stay at New Lifehouse, each girl will have the opportunity to learn various vocational skills. The students are also involved with various community service projects. This aspect of the program is used to assist the students in building a strong work ethic to enable them to be successful in their communities, families and future careers.

50YearsTC NationalLogoThe key to the success of Teen Challenge is the spiritual component. New Lifehouse students attend daily classes where they are taught Teen Challenge curriculum. Class topics include Anger & Personal Rights, Successful Christian Living and Growing Through Failure as well as many other character-building subjects. The students attend a local church on Sunday and attend chapels at New Lifehouse throughout the week. Each student is required to complete contracts that address specific issues the student may be struggling within her life.

New Lifehouse Staff and Administration are committed to ensuring that students understand God’s love, forgiveness and His ability to restore relationships. Our staff are deeply involved in the mentorship of students on a daily basis. Each student is assigned a staff advisor to meet with regularly to discuss needs, goals and areas of personal growth. The relationships built through this process continue throughout their stay at NLH and beyond. Staff advisors also stay in contact with parents on a weekly basis in order to keep them updated and involved with the process.

The goal of New Lifehouse is to help students establish and grow in a relationship with God. Students are encouraged to learn how to make good boundaries and choices in life as well as learning self-discipline. We believe that through the commitment of staff, the structured and loving environment, and most of all Jesus Christ, that New Lifehouse is Where Change Happens!

Warning Signs To Look for in Your Teenager:

  • Major changes in her mood or she is easily angered when she wasn’t in the past.
  • Negative changes in family relationships (everyone is walking around on pins and needles)
  • Grades declining, skipping school (when she previously liked school)
  • New friends that are not the best influence and abandoning the better influences
  • Trouble with the law or expulsion from school
  • Disrespectful to authority
  • Loss of direction in life or extreme risk-taking
  • No longer enjoys the wholesome things like sports, hobbies.
  • Spends a great deal of time alone, and when home, isolates herself.
  • Participation in theft or illegal activities
  • No longer caring what her parents think or that she will be punished.

As a parent, you should realize how important it is to identify these warning signs as soon as possible. The earlier problems are seen the greater the chance to overcome them. The longer they go on (they won’t correct themselves) the harder it will be to turn it around.

As you begin to see these signs in your daughter, a plan can be developed to intervene. Sometimes this begins with counseling, but it may lead to placement at a center like New Lifehouse for a time. Without identifying the warning signs early, the later choice is usually what becomes necessary. For several reasons you might be at that point now and we are here to help identify what direction you might have to take to get your daughter the help she needs to overcome her life controlling issues.

What We Consider Success Here at New Lifehouse

girls boarding schoolSuccess of a student can be defined in many ways. In fact, each parent or family might have a different goal for their daughter because each student is unique in personality and each family has different dynamics and goals. Success here comes in many ways but we have goals for each student and things that we like each student to achieve while they are here.

We strive to instill character into each student. Personal responsibility is the character quality that we work to be a foundational quality in the students life change. Integrity, honesty and trustworthiness are also expected.

As girls are here at New Lifehouse we will see positive change in personal relationships because of the character changes taking place in her life. Servant leadership is the key to this. Relationships with peers become non competitive and an attitude of serving takes over. Families become more appreciated by the student and the importance of having a quality relationship with parents is realized.

Through teaching leadership from the perspective of servanthood, authority is seen in a different perspective by the student. When she discovers Godly leadership she no longer has to fear those in charge. She has experienced being in a leaders role and comes to understand the importance of respecting those in authority and the difficult position they hold.

Setting goals for the future is a dream of every parent. Goals help to give fuel to the fire of achievement. Every young person is unique.  

New Lifehouse does everything possible to prepare our students to both set and to achieve their life goals. Discussing life after Teen Challenge begins on day one of being here. Some students know what they want when they get here and some of course do not. Graduates of New Lifehouse go on to be successful in many areas. 

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Should you need help finding homes for troubled boys, military schools, therapeutic boarding schools or therapeutic boarding schools, please let us know. Among the top therapeutic schools, our Christian therapeutic boarding school is among best therapeutic schools with counseling – also referred to as “schools for troubled teens”. Such troubled teen schools and residential treatment programs for teens are often quite costly, but this one of few residential treatment centers and residential schools for teens that is affordable. This boarding school for girls helps teenage girls who are defiant, breaking laws, or otherwise behaving badly. This sort of acting out is common among teenage girls troubled with emotional issues or trauma. Such teenage girls may appear to be arrogant and angry, and simply will not listen to authority figures. If your troubled girl is combative and disobedient, a therapeutic boarding school for girls like this one may be the best solution. Many rebellious teenage girls are resistant and antagonistic to change, but their malicious or naughty behavior can be corrected, just as their backsliding ways and unmanageable demeanor. Such disorderly girls intentionally act out of line, lacking self-control. Some unruly teens can become angry and hostile, making trouble for both them and their family. We can help your wayward, rebellious girl. Therapeutic boarding school that provides troubled teenage girls with counseling and therapy in a rustic setting. Our therapeutic residential school serves at-risk teenage girls from homes in Oklahoma, Texas and California, but also from the Central states like Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. Girls come from all over America to our Christian boarding school.


New Lifehouse is a 915-acre therapeutic ranch for girls in beautiful Northeastern Oklahoma. Our facility is a 12-15 month residential program.