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Erika McGee-Walls Admissions Coordinator

Thank you for your interest in New Lifehouse. We are honored to serve you, and our greatest desire is to see God’s will come to pass for you and your family. Our prayer is that you would be filled with his peace that surpasses all understanding through this difficult season.

New Lifehouse Tuition Is Far Less than Most Such Schools

The tuition for New Lifehouse is partially offset by donations from the community.  So, our tuition is much less than other schools for troubled teens. It is actually less than what it costs us to provide 24/7 care, food, counseling, activities and education for each student year-round.  There is a monthly tuition along with a one-time $3,750 fee upon enrollment. This is for curriculum, our equine therapy program, athletic equipment and a tech fee (for school).   If you wish for your student to go optionally on one of our missions trips (if she has progressed far enough in the program that this is a possibility) there will be a nominal travel fee.


How are We Different from Other Therapeutic Schools?

Our goal, ultimately, is to see God’s love restore your teen to a life of promise and hope. We use tools that bridge the gap between parents and teens to see this carried out. New Lifehouse is truly a place of learning, healing and restoration through grace.

The Enrollment Process

Please fill in our Inquiry Form to begin the enrollment process, or just to learn more. There is a one-time, non-refundable $300 admission processing fee upon acceptance.

If you are ready to talk about enrolling your teen into New Lifehouse, please call Admissions, at (918)435-8206 and our qualified team will walk you through the enrollment specifics and costs.

The next step of enrollment after application and acceptance is to set up the transportation arrangements. Many of our parents choose to accompany their teen to New Lifehouse, where they meet the staff and tour the campus. There are plenty of wonderful accommodations near campus. If you are not able to accompany your teen, there are professional escorts that we can recommend.

Once our Admissions Department receives an enrollment application, one of our Admissions Coordinators will contact you within 24 hours (weekdays) and answer any enrollment questions you may have. At this time, we ask that you begin to pray, seeking God’s perfect will. We will also be praying, seeking God’s will regarding the enrollment of your child. We will inform you of our enrollment decision soon after receiving and reviewing your submitted enrollment application.

The academic curriculum is included in the one-time fee as stated above. Essentially, the coursework your child will complete is fully accredited, accepted in all 50 states, and all our coursework has been approved by local school districts. Many of our students receive their high school diploma while enrolled in New Lifehouse.

Parents are required to provide seasonal clothing, sunglasses, gloves and other such items. Upon the award of enrollment, each family will be given a comprehensive list of what is acceptable to bring with her upon enrollment.

Once you have enrolled your child you will need to be introduced to all of our policies and procedures. You will need to know about everything your child is going through in her first few weeks and beyond. There are a lot of details that you will need to be aware of and need to be a part of.

Your first step, however, is to fill in the inquiry form or contact Admissions at (918)435-8206 to get all of the details on how to proceed.

How We Work With You


Our Admissions Department helps parents to determine if this program is a good fit for them and their daughter. We’ll spend time learning about your girl’s needs as well as your family’s needs. In addition, the Admissions Department will give you all the necessary information and take the time to answer all your questions both over the phone and on the day of admission.

Our initial conversation is spent listening to the parent and encouraging them that there is hope. Sometimes that hope comes through New Lifehouse and sometimes it comes from them remaining at home and trying other interventions.

Initially, a pre-application is filled out so that we can learn some basic information about the student and the situation she is in. This allows us to be able to have a more focused and robust interview with the parent and eventually the student if possible.

Once a student is initially accepted, an interview with the student is preferred. The next step would be to set a date for admission. We have an open admissions policy which means we do admissions year around. The only exception is around Christmas. Admission is handled on weekdays only. Emergency admissions can be done after consultation and approval by the Executive Director. An Admission Packet with all the information is then sent to the parent or guardian for completion prior to admission. This packet includes a list of what to bring from documentation to toiletries. The length of the process is typically 7-10 days, but it can be accomplished in a few days if needed and if all the proper information is supplied by the parent.

The Admissions Department will remain in contact and available to you by phone and email throughout the process. We understand that this is most likely the most difficult decision and process that you have had to encounter. You are not alone and we want you to understand that and feel supported.


Need Help With Your Struggling Teen? We Can Help, Call Now!

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Should you need help finding residential schools for troubled teens, schools for troubled teens, boarding schools or teen boarding schools, please let us know. Among the top therapeutic schools, our Christian therapeutic boarding school is among best therapeutic schools with counseling – also referred to as “schools for troubled teens”. Such troubled teen schools and residential treatment programs for teens are often quite costly, but this one of few residential treatment centers and residential schools for teens that is affordable. This boarding school for girls helps teenage girls who are defiant, breaking laws, or otherwise behaving badly. This sort of acting out is common among teenage girls troubled with emotional issues or trauma. Such teenage girls may appear to be arrogant and angry, and simply will not listen to authority figures. If your troubled girl is combative and disobedient, a therapeutic boarding school for girls like this one may be the best solution. Many rebellious teenage girls are resistant and antagonistic to change, but their malicious or naughty behavior can be corrected, just as their backsliding ways and unmanageable demeanor. Such disorderly girls intentionally act out of line, lacking self-control. Some unruly teens can become angry and hostile, making trouble for both them and their family. We can help your wayward, rebellious girl. Therapeutic boarding school that provides troubled teenage girls with counseling and therapy in a rustic setting. Our therapeutic residential school serves at-risk teenage girls from homes in Oklahoma, Texas and California, but also from the Central states like Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Idaho, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada. Girls come from all over America to our Christian boarding school.

Admissions at New Lifehouse

New Lifehouse admissions for the Christian boarding school for girls.